Ready to from feeling less than and not enough, to finally having the confidence to fully be yourself and know you are enough just as you are? Then keep reading because I have something that will help you...

Introducing the...

The practical step-by-step system that helps you up-level your self-worth, know that you are enough and, love and accept yourself exactly as you are...

So, you will finally have the confidence to create and nurture the life you've always wanted and know in your heart is right for you.

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Have you ever thought of yourself as less-than?


😔 Compared yourself to someone else and thought that you weren't good enough?

😣 Felt like a failure, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not clever enough, not something enough...

😞 Or maybe you've even hated yourself on occasions?

First of all, I'm so sorry if you at all identified with anything above.

Those aren't nice feelings to have. 💛

Feeling like that, having a low sense of self-worth, can have far reaching negative effects on your life.

In fact, low self-worth can impact things we might not even realize... 

For example, if I peeked into your life (and head), might I find something along these lines...

  • A seemingly never ending struggle with your mental health - you manage to get it to a good place but all it takes is one silly comment from someone and *bang* you're back to the starting line again desperately trying to calm down your anxiety and find some happiness somewhere.
  • A list hidden somewhere of all the things you want to do when... When you've lost weight, when you've figured out how to hide those wrinkles, when you've got that next promotion and finally deserve it...
  • Constantly wondering why the people in your life want to be around you... Why did your husband choose you? Why do your friends want your advice? You just can't figure it out.
  • A constant comparison between yourself and others around you. You know the comparison game isn't good for you, but you can't help but notice everything *they've* achieved and you haven't. How did you get to this age and achieved so little...

But I need you to know something...

It really doesn't have to be this way.

I know this because I used to have those exact feelings.

I would wonder why my friends wanted to see me, how on earth my partner thought I was pretty (let alone beautiful) and how I had achieved so little.

In short I felt like a failure.

Like an ugly, fat, boring, needy failure of a person.

...on some days I couldn't even pick out one good thing about me...

But this wasn't just affecting my happiness and headspace...

It was also holding me back in life.

  • I was missing opportunities where I could have excelled, furthered my business, made new friends and helped others.
  • I was sabotaging my relationship with my partner because I couldn't understand why he thought I was so wonderful, and so I assumed he was lying (which of course led to major trust issues that took a long time to repair.)
  • I was hardly ever really honest with others and never showed the real me - and on the very few occasions I did, I would have weeks and weeks of anxiety afterwards assuming they would never want to lay eyes on me again...

It was all so miserable and I'm certain it was a major factor why I developed such severe depression and mental health issues.

But then I learned about self-worth.

I learned that we are all innately worthy just as we are.

I found fellow women being unapologetically themselves, flaws and all.

And I saw that the more they were themselves, not only did they become happier and more at peace, but myself and others were more and more drawn to them.

So I started to try it myself.

A little bit more honesty here, a little less sorry there.

I did A LOT of work. A lot of personal development and a lot of self love.

But you wanna hear something crazy?

I now think I'm pretty darn amazing.

  • I know why my partner wants to be with me (I mean, I'm a catch!)
  • I know why my friends want to hang out with me - I'm hilarious and give excellent advice (they call me their personal life coach 😉)
  • I confidently quit jobs and clients where I'm not valued... and end up making more money, doing something better and helping more elsewhere...
  • When I look in the mirror I can list off countless beautiful things about myself, despite not having perfect skin or being the clothes sizes our society says is the most beautiful.
  • And my achievements... They're things I care about and are meaningful to me. I can easily stop myself comparing to others because we're incomparable.

But best of all, I actually like myself.

Even the not-so-good bits...

And the happiness and peace that comes with that is indescribable.

Now I want the same for you too because the more women loving themselves and creating the lives they were meant to live, the better it gets for all of us.


  • Looking in the mirror and liking what you see.

Yes, that really is possible. You are beautiful and it's time you saw it too. (And no it won't feel like you're lying or deluding yourself...)

  • Knowing that you're a valuable human being who is totally worthy of the life you dream of.

No more feeling "less than" or "not enough".

You will learn why you are so wonderful and brilliant just the way you are.

  • Being able to actually be yourself...

It's time to stop hiding the real you.

And while that sounds scary now, this system will guide you step-by-step on how to do that so it feels like you're stepping into a pair of perfectly fitting shoes, rather than the hurling yourself off the mountain like it currently feels!

All those things you just imagined AND MORE are possible with this Self-Worth System...

Ready to start loving who you really are?

The practical step-by-step system that helps you up-level your self-worth, know that you are enough and, love and accept yourself exactly as you are...

So, you will finally have the confidence to create and nurture the life you've always wanted and know in your heart is right for you.

I used to feel really low and very down and like I wasn’t in control of my life, but the self-worth system has given me the potential to help change my view of myself.  So far everything has been clear and helpful, in fact, I haven’t finished the course as things started to get better and I didn’t need it as much!

Also it’s so great that I know it’s there all the time if I need it. Just knowing that and from what I have done and read already is super supportive and helpful. Thank you Sophie.

- Jo

It's time for you to finally have the confidence to go after the life you're truly worth...

So what do you actually get inside the system?

Let me take you through exactly what you get when you buy the Self-Worth System...

The Seven Step System to Send Your Self-Worth Soaring

  • An eight module course that takes you step-by-step through how to elevate your self-worth and finally learn how wonderful you really are!
  • Each module contains video training with slides, a downloadable audio option (just like a podcast, so you can listen on the go if that suits your lifestyle better), transcripts and the slide deck for you to download - this means no matter your learning style, there will be something that suit you!
  • There is also an accompanying workbook that contains homework for each lesson, but don't worry if homework really isn't your thing as just listening and absorbing the lessons will still be absolutely transformational for your self-worth.


  • In this lesson you will exactly what self-worth vampires are, how they DRAINING the self-worth and positivity out of you, and exactly how to get them out of your life!


  • Now those pesky self-worth vampires are out the way, it's time to learn how to turn your environment into a self-worth haven that is building and transforming your self-worth without any further effort from you - major win!


  • It's time to lift the lid on exactly how much judging others destroys our own self-worth, and how often we do it without even realizing! But don't worry, by the end of this lesson you'll have a simple method to stop it in it's tracks.


  • This lesson is absolutely foundational in building self-worth... But it's one often not given enough credit! It's time to learn the real power of our own thoughts in relation to our self-worth.


  • *Spoiler alert* that's a BIG FAT YES! But don't worry, by the end of this lesson you will not only understand why, but you will also be looking at yourself (and everyone else) in a whole new light of awesomeness.


  • This might well be the most important lesson of the system; this is the one that will have you going from thinking you're less-than, a failure or hating what you see in the mirror to LOVING YOU (and the method is that simple too!)


  • When it comes to our self-worth we *need* to be our own best friend, and in this lesson I show you how to be the type of friend to yourself that leaves you ready to face the world and excited to show the real (and wonderful) you to anyone who crosses your path!


  • I could have left it at module seven and you would have all the tools you need to transform your self-worth, but I also know how easy it is to complete a course and those learnings never make it into real life... Which is exactly what this lesson STOPS from happening and makes sure everything you've learned STICKS!

So altogether thats...

The practical step-by-step system that helps you up-level your self-worth, know that you are enough and, love and accept yourself exactly as you are...

So, you will finally have the confidence to create and nurture the life you've always wanted and know in your heart is right for you.

What I found most helpful about the self-worth system was understanding that everyone is worthy by birth and that judgement I have on others, I will have on me too.  And what a self-worth vampire is! (I was not ready to realise all the vampires in my life at this time, but it was so true!) 

Before I got the self-worth system I had the worst self-love ever (I know it is not true, but it is how I felt). I wanted solutions, ideas, but didn't know where to look. And now, I’ve just closed the door on my worse vampire for good, a few hours ago!

- Claudelle

But there's more!!!

You also get THREE bonuses!

Let me take you through each bonus in more detail...

BONUS #1 -

How to Use Affirmations to Improve Your Self-Worth Mini Guide - Affirmations have been one of the most powerful things I've used to totally transform my self-worth and really gain confidence in my abilities and appearance.

They are deceptively simple but, when used correctly, pack a huge punch!

And this Mini Guide will tell you exactly how to integrate them into your day-to-day life so you can also (almost effortlessly I might add) get that same incredible result!

BONUS #2 -

Printable Self-Worth Affirmations Wall Art - Affirmations themselves are powerful, but having them displayed as art on your wall so they're constantly reminding you of their important message really amplifies their powers!

Plus they look super pretty, and who doesn't like knew home decor...

BONUS #3 -

A 30-Day Printable Positivity Journal (with a prompts for each day!) - A pretty, 30-day journal to help you focus on the positive parts of yourself and finally discover and understand how fantastic you really are.

We all know journaling can be incredibly effective with anything mental health related, but the journaling prompts in this specific journal will supercharge your learnings from the Self-Worth System and allow you to realized that you are a wonderful human-being.

So that's...

The Seven Step System to Send Your Self-Worth Soaring

  • Full seven-module system, with workbook, audio files, videos, slides and transcripts - Valued at $89


  • BONUS #1 - How to Use Affirmations to Improve Your Self-Worth Mini Guide - Valued at $15
  • BONUS #2 - Printable Self-Worth Affirmation Wall Art - Valued at $17
  • BONUS #3 - 30-Day Printable Positivity Journal (with daily prompts) - Valued at $14

Total Value: $135

Your Price: $67

What makes this system different and who is it perfect for:

I created The Seven Step System to Send Your Self-Worth Soaring because I wasted too many years of my own life being too scared to be myself. Being scared others wouldn't like me and constantly beating myself up because I didn't think I was good enough.

I also saw the hugely negative effects having low self-worth was having across my whole life. From missed opportunities, hurting relationships I valued and developing severe depression that nearly robbed me of my life, my low-self-worth contributed to all of it.

This system is different because I've been in that place myself.

I tried so. many. things. and I have whittled them down to just the things that really helped so you don't have to dedicate your life to this like I did.

Instead, you can overcome this and get on with creating the brilliant life you were meant for.

The Seven Step System to Send Your Self-Worth Soaring is right for you if...

  • Things written on this page have been resonating with you... hard.

If you recognize any of yourself in what I've been saying then I know this system can help you.

  • You’re ready to find out what's so great about you.

Trust me when I say there are hundreds, if not thousands of great things about you. That might sound unbelievable at the moment but this system will help you discover those things so you can finally understand why you are worthy.

Worthy of love, success, peace, happiness, joy, excitement, adventure and anything your heart desires.

  • You are willing to have an open mind.

I know what it feels like to be in disbelief that anyone would want to be near you. Let alone listen to you, hang out with you, love you...

So this system will only work if you come into it with an open mind.

The things I teach may be very new to you, but if you go into this with your heart and soul open (no matter how crazy it sounds to you!) then it will change things for you.

You do deserve this...

Ready to start loving who you really are?

The practical step-by-step system that helps you up-level your self-worth, know that you are enough and, love and accept yourself exactly as you are...

So, you will finally have the confidence to create and nurture the life you've always wanted and know in your heart is right for you.

Before I started the self-worth system I really struggled with self-doubt and self-confidence (or the lack of it!)

I have watched and read through it all twice now and will read and watch more before I really am where I should be. The process is slow but yes, little by little it is working!

And while I’d love someone to wave a magic wand and do the hard work for me haha, I know it will be worth the effort.

- Kay

It's time for you to shine!

Still on the fence?  

I totally understand. The internet is full of people trying to sell you things and it can be a scary minefield navigating who to trust and who to unfollow. 

So let me tell you a little bit more about myself and my experience with mental health.

Hi, I'm Sophie! The creator of this system and the person behind the blog Well and Wealthy 

I had never had great mental health.  

Even as a child and teenager I wasn’t as “stable” as others my age, but during my time at university I developed a number of chronic health problems and full-blown depression.  

It begun creeping up on me in my second year, and not wanting to admit something was wrong I ignored it and ended up having a complete breakdown.  

It was as awful as you might imagine.  

Despite seeking medical help, the depression continued during my final year of university and another three years after that.  

I had thought the breakdown was as bad as it could get, but during those three years after university it got far worse.  

While for most of the time I had high-functioning depression, so everything looked okay from the outside (I graduated, held down a job, renovated a house) things inside my head were terrible and it got to the point where I nearly lost my life to depression.  

I will be honest and say that scared me so much, because it’s not that I wanted my life to end. I just couldn’t live with my life with depression, it was too hard and too painful.  

It was then my parents persuaded me to stop working and just focus on my mental health.  

I was so resistant to the idea because I felt like such a failure, but I had to accept that I needed to take this seriously.  

This lead to a year of me working on my mental health and discovering the things I had to do for myself to really make a difference.

Things that I had to do as well as following my doctor's advice.  

And this year ultimately led me to recover fully from depression.  

Life became easier to live again, that numb feeling went away, I no longer felt like I was in a black pit with no way out.  

But not only that, I got happy again.  

And I also discovered that the actions that made the biggest difference for my mental health were the smaller actions. The ones I could easily sustain. 

This made me so excited because I knew I was very lucky to be able to dedicate a year to getting better, but that most people don’t have that option. Yet realizing that the things that were having the biggest impact were the smaller things that could be done without quitting your job and your life lit a fire in me.

It meant these things that were working to improve my mental health, self-worth and happiness could not only work for other people, but was doable to implement during day to day life with poor mental health (how many times are things meant to improve our mental health, but they take so much effort to implement when your mental health isn't in a good place that you can never manage them...) 

That's why I blog at Well and Wealthy, so I can share this knowledge with you so you too can improve your mental health, self-worth and happiness, and start living the life you were meant for.  

Are you ready to take the next step in improving your mental health and getting your self-worth to a point where you know YOU are worthy?

Then click the button below, today.

Frequently Asked Questions:   

Will this system help me if I’m depressed, have anxiety or other mental health issues?  

I personally think increasing your self-worth is relevant and helpful to EVERYONE regardless of whether you have diagnosed mental health issues or not.

In my own experience, I found that working on my self-worth massively helped to improve my depression. So I do think, if what's written on this page has resonated with you, that this system and working on your self-worth has the potential to really help your mental health too (along with doing proper self-care and following advice from your medical professional.)  

Will this system help me if don't have any mental health issues at all?  

Totally! Like I said above, I think increasing your self-worth is relevant and seriously helpful to EVERYONE regardless of whether you have diagnosed mental health issues or not.

With social media so prevalent nowadays and the media so quick to judge, it's all too easy to have low self-worth and feel less than and not enough. And these feelings do negatively impact all our lives.

Therefore increasing your self-worth is always going to further help you show up more as YOURSELF and help you feel confident in creating the life you were meant for.

Does this system mean I won’t have to go to therapy, see a doctor, take my medication...  

Not at all. This system is meant to accompany all those things in helping improve your mental health, not replace them. 

It’s super important that you see your doctor if you have, or suspect you have any mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

BUT what I found was even with a fantastic doctor and a great therapist there were still things I had to do myself for myself to finally overcome depression and bring my mental health where I wanted it. And part of that was increasing my self-worth. 

Will I really benefit if I just listen and don't bother do the homework?

I know, it sounds a bit too good to be true. But it is!

While the homework will be super helpful to cement what you're learning, if all you can manage or want to do is listen then you're still going to get MASSIVE benefits.

A lot of what I teach in the system is about changing how we think about things, so it makes sense that the biggest changes are going to just come from you listening to the teachings!

Do I have to complete the system in a certain timeframe?

Nope! You can complete the system (and access the bonuses) on a timeframe that suits you.

So if you like to binge everything all in one go and then starting working on it, you totally can.

Or if you prefer to absorb things slowly and implement one-by-one then that totally works too!

How long do I have access to the system and bonuses for?  

As long as Well and Wealthy is still in business and we're still selling this system then you will still have access!

And I plan for both Well and Wealthy to stay in business and this system to still be sold for a VERY long time (if I can still be doing this when I'm 80 then that sounds great to me!)

Do you have a money-back guarantee?


If you buy the system and then realize it's just not the right thing for you, just email me at within 14 days and I will refund you.

The only thing I ask is that you let me know why you're wanting a refund so I can improve the product further.

How do I access the system and bonuses?  

When you purchase the system you will get an email from SendOwl (my payment processing system) confirming your payment.  

Then, a couple of minutes later, you will get an email from me (don’t forget to check your spam!) with the access link. When you click that link it will ask you to enroll into the system and from there you can access the system in it's entirety AND access all your additional bonuses!

Why do I have to pay for this, why can’t you give it away for free if it can help so many people?  

I’ll be honest, charging for my products was really something I struggled with in the beginning because you’re right, it could help so many people and I didn’t want anyone to go through what I had been through.

I had been through severe depression for a number of years, even becoming suicidal at my lowest point. When I finally got through it and really recovered from depression and improved my mental health I knew I wanted to share what I did that made all the difference, just in case it could help even one other person.

When I did start sharing people emailed me (and still email me to this day) saying how helpful these things were and that it was helping them turn their life around.

Realizing I could help even more people not to spend so many years stuck in depression and poor mental health like I did has lit a fire in me and I just want to be able to dedicate more time to this. However, I still have bills to pay and life to live so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place of wanting to help more but not having the time to do that all while I'm still working elsewhere.

Hence why I charge for some of the things I do/share. This allows me to continue sharing even more free content for those that maybe can't afford or don't what to pay, while paying my bills and living my life with the paid content, so I can work less elsewhere and spend more of my time trying to help even more people.

I've tried to see in light of other professions that charge for helping people. Like therapists who also charge for helping people with their mental health, Doctors who charge for helping people with their health in general, accountants who charge for helping people with their money, teachers who charge for helping people learn and many other similar things.

I hope that goes a little way to explaining why I charge for some things.  

What if I have a question and you haven’t answered it here?  

Just pop me an email at and I will get back to you! :)  

Ready to start loving who you really are?

The practical step-by-step system that helps you up-level your self-worth, know that you are enough and, love and accept yourself exactly as you are...

So, you will finally have the confidence to create and nurture the life you've always wanted and know in your heart is right for you.