If you agree with the statement below then keep scrolling because I’ve got something just for you...  

"You want to improve your mental health, kick depression to the curb and stop feeling bleh all. the. time. 

But you also want to carry on living your life, which includes booking a vet appointment for your doggo, finishing that report due next week, cleaning the bathroom (it’s seen better days, let’s be honest), going for a run and, oh yeah, everything else on your mental to-do list."  


I’m feeling overwhelmed just writing that list.  

And if you have mental health issues going on I bet you are too...  

But right now, if I could peek into your life (and head), might I find something along these lines?  

  • Laundry needing to be put away, unopened texts from your friends wondering why you’ve gone off the grid, and cat sick in the corner that you *should* have cleaned up yesterday (don’t judge, we’ve all been there.)
  • To-do list, after to-do list scattered through your house and yet you still feeling like you can’t get a handle on everything that’s going on in your life. 
  • Seeing other people get over their depression and take control of their mental health but feeling so discouraged because you can barely keep your head above water, let alone make any major changes in your life.  


It’s not like you haven’t been trying to change things.  

Heck, sometimes it feels like that’s all you’re spending your free time on…  

Reading blog post after blog post about how other people beat their depression, searching for productivity hacks online to get more done in less time, asking your therapist, doctor and insanely got-it-together neighbor how they handle life.  

But, here’s the thing, it’s not your fault these things haven’t been working for you. 

You see everything out there is either / or.  

EITHER there to help you improve your mental health OR to amp up your productivity.  

It’s like no one’s considered that some of us might need help with our happiness AND getting allll the things done.  

Which is why you need something that does BOTH -- A system that helps you take your mental health from zero to waking up each morning with a smile on your face (or at least not drenched in a sea of panic, overwhelm and sadness like you’re currently feeling…) AND that helps you throw your to-do lists in the trash each day because every little thing is crossssssed off!

So let me introduce you to the...

A radically different type of planner that combines mental health and self-care WITH productivity, meaning you no longer have to choose between your happiness and actually getting on with your life.  

  • It's undated, so you can start it any time of year.
  • It's a printable, digital download, which means you can have your hands on it in less than 5 mins! 
  • And it's realisitc, created by someone whose been in your shoes so you know this planner isn't going to expect the earth of you. 

Want to know exactly what’s inside?  

Don’t we all when getting a new planner...  

Then watch the video below where I take you through page-by-page-by-page.  

PLUS when you purchase the planner today you also get a BONUS video course (valued at $47) walking you through the best way to use the planner, overwhelm-free.  

The Get It Done With a Smile printable Planner is normally priced at $32.50, but today you can get it for 30% off -- that’s just $22.75 for the whole printable planner and BONUS video course.  

Are you ready to make real progress towards the happiness you deserve, without having to put the rest of your life on hold?  


Questions smart people ask:  

Will this planner still help me if I’m not depressed?  

Totally! It will help anyone looking to improve their mental health.  

I no longer have depression, but I still use all of the ideas in the planner because they just work at keeping your mental health in a happy place.  

Does this planner mean I won’t have to go to therapy, see a doctor, take my medication...  

Not at all. This planner is meant to accompany all those things, not replace them.  

It’s super important that you see your doctor if you have, or suspect you have depression BUT what I found was even with a fantastic doctor and a great therapist there were still things I had to do myself for myself to finally overcome depression and bring my mental health where I wanted it. And that’s what’s in the planner.  

Is this a digital or paper planner?  

It’s a PRINTABLE planner. So you will get it delivered digitally, straight to your inbox and then you print it yourself using your preferred method (don’t worry I go through the best way to print in the bonus video course.)  

I love that this product can be delivered digitally because it means as soon as you’ve paid you get instant access, as in you could be the proud owner of the “Get It Done With a Smile Planner” in less than five minutes! (That just blows my mind!)

What’s this about a bonus video course?  

Well, when you when you purchase the planner you also get a BONUS video course (valued at $47) walking you through the best way to use the planner, overwhelm-free so you don’t have to wonder if you’re using any of the features right, the best way to print or literally anything else!  

How do I get access to the bonus video course?  

When you purchase the "Get It Done With a Smile Planner" you will get an email from SendOwl (my payment processing system) with a download link to get your planner.  

Then, a couple of minutes later, you will get an email from me (don’t forget to check your spam!) with the access link to the bonus video course AND inside the course you will also be able to download the planner there as well, just in case you need to download it again.  

Why do I have to pay for this, why can’t you give it away for free if it can help so many people?  

I’ll be honest, charging for my products was really something I struggled with in the beginning because you’re right, it could help so many people and I didn’t want anyone to go through what I had been through.  

I had been through severe depression for a number of years, even becoming suicidal at my lowest point. When I finally I got through it and really recovered from depression I knew I wanted to share what I did that made all the difference just in case it could help even one other person.  

When I did start sharing people emailed me (and still email me to this day) saying how helpful these things were and that it was helping them turn their life around.  

Realising I could help even more people not to spend so many years stuck in depression like I did has lit a fire in me and I just want to be able to dedicate more time to this. However, I still have bills to pay, etc so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place of wanting to help more but not having the time to do that all while I'm still working elsewhere.  

Hence why I charge for some of the things I do/ share. This allows me to continue sharing even more free content for those that maybe can't afford or don't what to pay, while paying my bills with the paid content so I can work less elsewhere and spend more of my time trying to help even more people.  

I've tried to see in light of other professions that charge for helping people. Like therapists who also charge for helping people with their mental health, Doctors who charge for helping people with their health in general, accountants who charge for helping people with their money, teachers who charge for helping people learn and many other similar things.  

I hope that goes a little way to explaining why I charge for some things.  

What if I have a question and you haven’t answered it here?  

Just pop me an email at sophie@wellandwealthy.org and I will get back to you! :)  

Ready to grab your copy of the Get It Done With a Smile Planner? 

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