The 12-Week Formula for Mental Health Transformation Course 

Here’s what you get when you join:  

  • The 12-Week Formula for Mental Health Transformation course that takes you step-by-step through the exact process I used to recover from depression and finally get happy again. 
  • BONUS #1: The Easy Goal Achieving Method That Works EVEN When Your Mental Health is Bad
  • BONUS #2: Rumination Buster [For When You Get Stuck Inside Your Head Focusing on the Negatives]
  • BONUS #3: Overwhelm-Free Decision Making, Because Making Decisions with Poor Mental Health Can Be Tough  


From stressed and depressed to happy and in control, tiny changes that have big results.  

I was severely depressed for a number of years and it was some of the worst pain of my life, but I got through it and now I would like to share the “how” with you so you can stop that pain too...  


Or would you like to know a bit more? If so keep reading...

Right now, if I could peek into your life (and head), would I find something like this...  

  • You look like you have it all together from the outside (a good job, hair and makeup done, fuel in the car) but you know you could be five minutes or one negative experience away from a complete breakdown, and that’s a scary situation to be living in, never knowing when the next relapse is coming...  
  • There’s a week’s worth of dirty dishes in the sink that you just haven’t been able to muster up the energy to clean, and every time you walk past them your brain is telling you that you’re lazy, worthless and a failure for not even being able to keep up with the dishes...  
  • People keep asking you why you’re sad when you have such a great job, partner, house, family… And you feel like such an imposter, because it’s true, your life is fantastic and yet you can’t shake that sadness that’s following you around and exhausting you everyday.  

If can relate to any of those then please keep reading…  

Because you can beat your depression and poor mental health.  

People do it everyday. I did it and I want the same for you.  

It’s time to leave the shame and self-judgment behind and learn how…  

But right now I bet you’re thinking it can’t be me.  

Sure, other people get over depression, but not me, not now.  

But what do you think makes the difference between the person who works on their mental health and actually makes improvements, finally waking up with a smile on their face and able to keep up with the dishes...  

… and the person who just hasn’t got the energy or the time the make their mental health a priority?  

Or worse…  

... the person who makes the effort and works on their self-care and yet sees zero improvements, like all that work was for nothing?  

If you’re currently thinking…  

  • Plenty of money so they don’t need to work and can hire people to do their household chores meaning that literally the only thing on their plate is working on their mental health… that’s not it. (Although that does sound delightful, having someone cook all my meals…)
  • That they aren’t really depressed, they just think they’re depressed and anyone whose as bad as me definitely couldn’t do that… that’s not it either. (And as someone who nearly lost their life to depression, but still recovered fully, it’s really upsetting when people invalidate your experiences and pain.)
  • Energy. Lots and lots of energy and motivation so they just keep going until their mental health is happy again… considering that depression pretty much zaps your energy and motivation, that’s not it either.  

Because the truth is you don’t need loads of money, all the energy and motivation in the world or unlimited time to transform your mental health.  

Nor does it rely on you being “not actually that ill”.  

Being happy again is within your grasp.  

You just need to know how…  

The actions that have the biggest impact with the least amount of effort.  

The actions that are actually doable when you have depression. 

The actions that really work.  

Having strong and stable mental health is incredibly important.  

There’s no question of that.  

You deserve to be happy. In fact, everybody on this planet deserves to be happy.  

But you also deserve to be able to live up to your full potential (imagine what you could achieve if you had more space in your mind that wasn’t filled with sadness…)  

And you deserve to be able to fully support others in your life when they need help, not having to turn away when all you want to do is be there for them.  

But, I think we all know that actually improving our mental health is incredibly difficult, particularly in 2020.  

Don’t get me wrong, mental health stigma is reducing and resources to help are becoming more and more available, but it’s still so difficult to improve your happiness and this is why...  

1 - There’s so much pressure in our society  

Raise your hands if you follow any Instagram accounts full of the most insanely, beautiful images, Pinterest accounts that have you convinced a quick, afternoon craft project can produce a result that rivals something you can buy in Anthropologie, and are friends with Becky on Facebook who seems to have made it her life’s mission to share photos of her picture-perfect family every. single. day. 

Now that everything is at our fingertips thanks to the internet, we (and others) are no longer comparing ourselves to our neighbour or work colleague. 

Nope, they’re small fry now. 

Instead we’re comparing ourselves with the best of the best in the world. 

And while logically we know we’re seeing people’s highlight reel, when we’re constantly seeing those images your brain starts to think actually that is real life. And THAT leads to a whole lot of pressure and a whole lot of thinking you’re falling short. 

2 - We’re bombarded with all the other scary things happening in the world  

I’ve generally found that people who suffer from depression are often much more sensitive to other pain going on around, in other words they’re highly empathetic.  

Which means, when we see all the bad and scary things happening (think climate change, #metoo, political uncertainty…) we feel that too, which just adds to our already overwhelming sadness and pain.  

3 - No one has taught you how to look after your mental health  

I don’t know about you, but when I was in school there was still a lot of stigma around mental health which meant we didn’t get trained on how to be stable and happy.  

Plus, when my parents were at school, they certainly didn’t get any training on how to have stable mental health.  

What this means is we currently have generations of people on this planet who were never taught this vital skill.  

I mean, what do you think your long division skills would be like if you’d never attended a math class in your life?  


If no one has ever taught you how to look after your mental health and keep it stable then it’s a bit of a stretch to expect yourself to just know...  

But here’s the good news…  

Right now is also the best time for you to learn how to get over depression and improve your mental health...  


Because if you’ve watched the free training and got this far down the page then this is clearly a problem you’re committed to solving.  

People don’t do all that for no reason…  

You’re willing to learn and make some small, but significant, life changes.  

Because right now you feel so overwhelmed and at the end of your tether that you’re ready to make sure you never feel like that again.  

And the thing is, until we get to that point, it can be beyond difficult to take on board new teachings and actually implement them.  

Especially when we have the added complication of depression totally sapping motivation and energy.  

But once we’re open to learning (like you are right now) and have realized that those massive changes aren’t going to work, that instead you need those tiny changes that can be sustained over time…  

... then we can really make progress.  

So don’t beat yourself up about how you wished you had sorted this out sooner.  

Now is the perfect time for you.  

But before we go any further we need to talk about whether this course is the right method for you… 

Because, at the end of the day, we’re all unique people and what works brilliantly for one person can be another’s worst nightmare. 

So, this course is right for you if…. 

  • You’re still going to work with a medical professional 

This course DOES NOT replace your doctor, therapist, or any medical professional involved in your mental health care.

This course works alongside the advice they give you. 

It’s super important that you see your doctor if you have, or suspect you have depression BUT what I found was even with fantastic medical support there were still things I had to do myself for myself to finally overcome depression and bring my mental health where I wanted it. 

And it’s those things that I teach in this course. 

I will teach you what you can do to improve your mental health, but your medical professional is still needed because, at the end of the day, depression is a medical condition. 

  • You are functioning 

And by functioning I mean being able to get out of bed and stay relatively up to speed with life. 

If you’re at a stage where getting out of bed is an impossibility every day then I would really recommend you work with your doctor to bring your mental health up to a functioning level before going through the course. 

Just like if you broke your leg you would have to go to the doctor to get it put in a cast, but then you could (and should) get additional help and education on how to help it heal best and stop it from breaking again (okay not the best analogy but hopefully you get the idea.) 

  • You have a couple of hours each week to dedicate to the course 

I designed this course to take around two hours each week to watch the videos and do the work. 

I know depression saps your energy and motivation, so I designed this course to be as easy as possible to implement and take the least amount of time, but still get incredible results. 

Big, massive action just doesn't work when you have mental health problems because it’s so overwhelming. Instead we focus on the tiniest actions possible which means these actions are actually sustainable, and because they are sustainable they lead to real changes in your life. 

  • Finally, you need to know in your heart that self-care isn’t selfish 

You deserve to be happy and for your head to not feel like a mess. 

Working through this course and focusing on your mental health is one of the best uses of your time. Period. 

And knowing and believing that is key to being successful with this course.  

So if you’re ready to join a course created by someone who knows exactly how you’re feeling and was able to overcome those feelings using these exact actions…  

Here’s how... 


The 12-Week Formula for Mental Health Transformation that takes you step-by-step through the exact process I used to recover from depression and finally get happy again.  

So what might you expect after grabbing your spot in The 12-Week Formula for Mental Health Transformation?

In ten minutes you will have access to the course and will be able to get started learning a method that really works to improve and transform mental health.  

In a week you will have completed the first module and had your first aha moment that something so simple and obvious could have such a big impact!  

In six week’s time you will be halfway through the course and already noticing huge improvements in your mental health.  

You will be looking after yourself better and getting a good night’s sleep every night. But you will also find that you’re so much more organized and have a new appreciation for how darn great you are (yes all this can be achieved in six weeks, and YES this all has a HUGE impact on your mental health.)  

In 12 week’s time you will have completed the course and may even have gone through the bonuses!  

You will be noticing how the good days now outnumber the bad days.  

Things that used to completely ruin your day and send you into a meltdown (like that nasty coworker saying something spiteful or just having to decide what to eat for dinner) will now be something you cope with, just a blip on your otherwise generally good day.  

You will feel more motivated to do things and won’t have the desire to sleep all hours now the worst of the depression has lifted.  

In a year’s time it will feel like your whole life has changed. You had no idea that those tiny actions would have such an impact on your happiness and mental health.  

Days and days of feeling sad and numb are now a memory rather than your reality.  

You’ve realized the utter importance of looking after yourself, and how easily that can be achieved in a way that doesn’t stop you from living your life.  

And when people ask you how you are, you’re no longer lying when you say good. You mean it now. Life is good again.  

This process worked for me.  

I nearly lost my life to depression and now I can honestly say I’m recovered and happy.  

I want to give you the same opportunity to be happy again that I now have. 💛  


What YOU get in The 12-Week Formula for Mental Health Transformation course and how it will help YOU:

You get instant access to the 12 module video and text course designed to be worked through one module per week over a 12 week period, PLUS the accompanying workbook to help you easily implement everything in the course

In Module/ Week 1 we go over what I think is the most important, but also most overlooked area of your life that can improve your mental health. The best bit is transformations in this area can literally happen over night!

In Module/ Week 2 we focus on how what we bring into our body can affect our mind, and *spoiler alert* how things in this area are never as simple as they seem… 

In Module/ Week 3 we focus on implementing an action that in recent years has received a lot of research showing how much it helps mental health, but it’s also received a lot of backlash that has meant people tend to discount it. 

Module/ Week 4 is a very important one. We talk about how you might be struggling with implementing the first three weeks if you don’t have THIS also working for you…  

In Module/ Week 5 we go over another area of your life that will be halting your progress if it’s not dealt with in an easy and sustainable way…  

Module/ Week 6 you will be pleased to know is a catch up and recap week. Here we troubleshoot any problems you might be having and give some time, space and grace to go back and work on things again that maybe you know you could have implemented better the first time round. 

In Module/ Week 7 we focus on something that depression can really take away from you, and how to get more of it in your life again! 

In Module/ Week 8 we talk Marie Kondo and how what she teaches is way more applicable to mental health and recovering from depression that you could ever imagine… 

Module/ Week 9 is all about having fun. No really! Depression and poor mental health is an absolute fun killjoy, but we’re going to change that. 

In Module/ Week 10 we go over an exercise that is absolutely transformational in how you see your life and how happy your brain is. This week’s learnings are probably my favorite and can create the bigget long term change!

In Module/ Week 11 we actually build our own, personal, and perfectly suited to us daily self-care checklist, which if you know anything about me I massively credit to helping me get over depression for good.

In Module/ Week 11 we troubleshoot. I hate how you can reach the end of a course but if you haven’t reached your goal you just don’t know what to do next. Well not in this course! We have a module designed exclusively to help you work out why you aren’t where you hoped you would be and exactly how to get there. And even if you have reached your goal, the info in the final module is still so helpful in taking you to the next level!

--- $297 value

You also get THREE bonuses to help you further transform your mental health:  

  • BONUS #1: The Easy Goal Achieving Method That Works EVEN When Your Mental Health is Bad --- $67 value
  • BONUS #2: Rumination Buster [For When You Get Stuck Inside Your Head Focusing on the Negatives] --- $35 value
  • BONUS #3: Overwhelm-Free Decision Making, Because Making Decisions with Poor Mental Health Can Be Tough --- $42 value  

All that is valued at $441 when sold separately, but as a bundle the price of The 12-Week Formula for Mental Health Transformation course and bonuses is just $152.  


Still on the fence?  

I get it. The internet is full of people trying to sell you things and it can be a scary minefield navigating who to trust and who to hit the unfollow button on.  

So let me tell you a little bit more about myself and my experience with depression.  

I’ve never had great mental health.  

Even as a child and teenager I wasn’t as “stable” as others my age, but during my time at university I developed a number of chronic health problems and full-blown depression.  

It begun creeping up on me in my second year, and not wanting to admit something was wrong I ignored it and ended up having a complete breakdown.  

It was as awful as you might imagine.  

Despite seeking medical help, the depression continued during my final year of university and another three years after that.  

I had thought the breakdown was as bad as it could get, but during those three years after university it got far worse.  

While I had high-functioning depression, so everything looked okay from the outside (I graduated, held down a job, renovated a house) things inside my head were terrible and it got to the point where I nearly lost my life to depression.  

I will be honest and say that scared me so much, because it’s not that I wanted my life to end. I just couldn’t live with my life with depression, it was too hard and too painful.  

It was then my parents persuaded me to stop working and just focus on my mental health.  

I was so resistant to the idea because I felt like such a failure, but I had to accept that I needed to take this seriously.  

This lead to a year of me working on my mental health and discovering the things I had to do for myself to really make a difference.  

Things that I had to do as well as following my doctors advice.  

And this year ultimately led me to recover fully from depression.  

Life became easy to live again, that numb feeling went away, I no longer felt like I was in a balck pit with no way out.  

But not only that, I got happy again.  

And I also discovered that the actions that made the biggest difference were the smaller actions. The ones I could easily sustain. 

This made me so excited because I knew I was very lucky to be able to dedicate a year to getting better, but that most people don’t have that option. Yet realizing that the things that were having the biggest impact were the smaller things that could be done without quitting your job and your life lit a fire in me.  

It meant this formula that worked for me could not only work for other people, but was doable to implement during day to day life with poor mental health.  

It might have taken me a year off of life to figure it out, but now I had spent that time learning what really worked other people could just use my knowledge and not have to take that year off...  

They could use my knowledge, and in a fraction of the time, they might be able to recover fully from depression too...

And that is where this course came form.  

So if you’re ready to learn that same knowledge and start your own mental health transformation then click the button below to enroll today.  


Got any questions?  


Here are the top (and most asked questions) about the course: 

1 - What if I don’t complete the course in 12 weeks, what happens then?

You have access to the course, including all future updates, for the lifetime of the program. So as long as we are actively selling and running this course, and in business, you'll have access to all the modules and bonuses.  

What this really means is that while the course is designed to be completed in 12 weeks, you can complete the course as quickly or as slowly as you want!  

There’s no race, I would rather you take longer but go at a pace that suits you, than rush through and not get the full benefit! 

2 - Does that mean I can start the course whenever I want?


You might be going on vacation in a week or know you have a busy time at work coming up that’s totally okay. You can buy the course now and get started when you’re ready and when it best fits in with your life!

3 - Does this course mean I won’t have to go to therapy, see a doctor, take my medication... 

Not at all.  

This course is meant to accompany all those things, not replace them. It’s super important that you see your doctor if you have, or suspect you have depression BUT what I found was even with a fantastic doctor and a great therapist there were still things I had to do myself for myself to finally overcome depression and bring my mental health where I wanted it. And that’s what’s in the course. 

4 - Will this course help me if I’m not depression but I know my mental health needs some work? 

Totally! It will help anyone looking to improve their mental health.  

I no longer have depression, but I still use all of the actions in the course because they just work at keeping your mental health in a happy place.  

5 - I’m really worried this will be just another thing I buy and never actually implement. I have a busy life and depression has totally sapped my motivation and energy... 

This course was designed with those things in mind. It only takes a couple of hours to watch the videos and implement each week and I made it that way on purpose, so it’s not a huge time or energy suck.  

Saying that, I totally understand the frustration of buying something that’s meant to help with your mental health and then your mental health being the reason you don’t use it. (Been there so many times…)  

I think the most important thing to remember with this course is even just implementing one part of it will help your mental health. So even if you only manage module one then so be it, that’s still a fantastic step towards happiness.  

And it also doesn’t matter if it takes you a year (or more) to complete the course. Again, any actions you implement from the course will help you so much. So who cares if you only implement one thing each month, that’s still a step towards happiness you hadn’t taken before!  

It’s time we stopped viewing those sorts of situations (for example, buying a course and only getting halfway through) as a failure. What about the joy and hope you experienced when purchasing, doesn’t that count for something? Or the knowledge you did learn? Or the actions you did take?  

Let’s focus on those rather than the negatives! :)  

6 - Why do I have to pay for this, why can’t you give it away for free if it can help so many people? 

I’ll be honest, charging for my mental health related products was really something I struggled with in the beginning because you’re right, it could help so many people and I didn’t want anyone to go through what I had been through.  

I had been through severe depression for a number of years, even becoming suicidal at my lowest point. When I finally I got through it and really recovered from depression I knew I wanted to share what I did that made all the difference just in case it could help even one other person.  

When I did start sharing people emailed me (and still email me to this day) saying how helpful these things were and that it was helping them turn their life around.  

Realising I could help even more people not to spend so many years stuck in depression like I did has lit a fire in me and I just want to be able to dedicate more time to this. However, I still have bills to pay, etc so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place of wanting to help more but not having the time to do that all while I'm still working elsewhere.  

Hence why I charge for some of the things I do/ share. This allows me to continue sharing even more free content for those that maybe can't afford or don't what to pay, while paying my bills with the paid content so I can work less elsewhere and spend more of my time trying to help even more people.  

I've tried to see it in light of other professions that charge for helping people. Like therapists who also charge for helping people with their mental health, Doctors who charge for helping people with their health in general, accountants who charge for helping people with their money, teachers who charge for helping people learn and many other similar things.  

I hope that goes a little way to explaining why I charge for some things.  

7 - I have another question but it’s not listed here, what should I do? 

Just send an email to with the subject “I Have a Course Question” and let’s chat! :) 

8 - I really, really want to join, it sounds amazing! What’s the link to buy again?

Just click the button below to grab your spot! :) 

I’m so excited to share the knowledge and exact actions I used to overcome the pain of depression and transform my mental health.  

And I’m so excited for you to learn this knowledge and the easy ways to implement changes in your life that actually make a difference.  

I really hope to see you in the course! 💛