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Are you ready to stop feeling less-than, and start *knowing* how wonderful you really are?

I’m so ready! Send me my daily self-worth checklist!

Here's what you get when you download the FREE self-worth checklist: 

  • The exact daily, self-worth actions I used to go from hating myself, to knowing how fantastic and worthy I really am!
  • Formulated as an easy, step-by-step checklist that only takes a few minutes each day to implement!
  • But, will help you discover the truth, that you. are. worthy.

Join over 15,000 people who are well on their way to improving their self-worth and mental health!  

Want to know a little more about me...

Hi, I'm Sophie! The creator of this checklist and the person behind the blog Well and Wealthy.

A few years back, I had extremely severe depression.

I'm very lucky that my depression story had a happy ending and I recovered fully and still am recovered to this day.

But one of the main things I credit with helping me to recover and stay recovered is I learned and developed a list of actions that I knew I needed to do most of the time in order to keep my mental health happy - a daily self-care checklist if you will.

Once my depression was manageable, I realized I needed to start working on my own complete lack of self-worth, because for me, it was a real contributor to my poor mental health AND it was massively holding me back from living the life I wanted to live...

As I started on my journey to increasing my self-worth, I also realized that there were certain actions I needed to do most of the time to keep my self-worth increasing and to build up my self-worth resilience!

Just like I had found with self-care when I was battling depression...

So I decided to create a daily self-worth checklist, after the success of my previous checklist!

And now I'm making that checklist available for you so you can improve your own self-worth as well!

So if you’re ready to learn about the daily self-worth actions I did to send my self-worth soaring then click the button below to get your copy of the checklist.

You never know, it might just be the thing that helps you too. <3

Disclaimer: The things I suggest have worked amazingly for me and many of my customers, but, if mental health problems are suspected, it's super important that these things are done in conjunction with working with medical professionals.

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